Working with sections in iWork Pages

Section breaks in long documents is a good way to separate pages that need special formatting. For example, one set of pages may need pages that are numbered with roman numerals and others that need regular numbers or even letters instead of numbers. Sections can separate pages that need to be formatted with more than one column from pages that need to be formatted with just one column. Sections can also be used to have different headers and footers.

We will need to have the page thumbnails panel visible. If it’s not visible, click view in the menu and select “Show Page Thumbnails”.

In this example, we have a document that has several pages in a two column format. Some of the pages deal with different topics and we would like the headers in these pages to reflect the topic on those pages. We would also like the page numbering to be consistent from section to section.




The header for our first section is Pinning Apps To Start.


If we scroll down to the next section, we see that the header is the same.

We want each section to have the header represent the section heading. If we were to change the header on this page the header would be updated on all the pages, including the first page with our first section.


To create a new section, click on the page where we want the new section to begin. In this example, that would be page three.


We will then click on the Document button to display the document panel. In the document panel we have a section button. Click on this button.


If we click on the “create a new section” selector, we have the option to create a new section starting with this page or to create a section after this section. Select the option to create a new section starting with this page.


The selected page will become the new section. The page that is part of the previous section will reduce in size and indent to let us know that it is part of the previous section.


All pages that follow our new section will be treated as pages belonging to this section. These pages will be indented below the section page.


We can go to the next page to create a section, and click on it. We’ll follow the same process to create a new section using this page.


The new section page will be outdented to provide a visual clue that it is now a section page.


Returning to the second section, we can change the header to match the heading for the section. It still has the heading from when it was part of the original section.


To update the heading for a section we’ll click inside the heading area and provide an appropriate heading.


When we go back to the page that is part of the first section, we see that the heading for that section remains unchanged.


We can repeat the process with the remaining sections.


The page numbers remain unaffected because in the section area the option to continue the page numbers from the previous section is set for each section automatically.

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