Working with margins in iWork Pages

Margins in a document are the additional space around the document content and the edge of the document. The margins can be changed to almost any value. The margins we set in a document will depend on the content and the printer. Most consumer printers have limits as to the minimum margin that can be applied before content is cut off and not printed.

In this example, we have a document that has two columns with text and graphics. We also have lots of space dedicated to the margins on the left and right. There are also large margins on top and bottom.




The document has headers and footers. When adjusting the margins we need to keep these elements in mind.


Click on the Document button to get to the document panel.


In the margin section, we can adjust all the document margins.


We’ll adjust the margins to maximize the column space for text and images. We’ll also adjust the top and bottom margins to give us additional space, but leave room for the header and footer.


The columns in our document automatically adjust to accommodate a little more text and the graphics are a little larger. The header is a little too close to the paragraph heading, but we’ll adjust that in a moment.


To adjust the Header position, we’ll return to the document section and adjust the Header position from the top.


We’ll adjust the header to a quarter inch, about .6 centimeters, and adjust the footer to half an inch, about 1.3 centimeters. If you’re working with points, that would be 18 and 36 points respectively.

Now we have a document with the margins that provide the experience we need for the reader and accommodate the content we need to provide.

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