Working With Lists and Outlines in OneNote

Numbered lists are good for items that that need to be ordered or in sequence. Numbered list show that items are related and that the order of things is important. Bulleted lists are ideal when the order or sequence isn’t important. Lists make it easier to read and scan information. Lists can be used to create outlines. Outlines are very useful when writing and organizing written text. Outlines are usually numbered but they can also be bulleted.

To create lists click on the Home tab. There are options for bulleted and numbered lists. The options include the formatting that can be used for either the bulleted or numbered lists.




The bulleted list options include solid, hollow and square bullet options.


The numbered list options include numeric, Arabic, and Roman number formats. The number format selected is used throughout the list or outline.


The first list item number or bullet is created. We can then type the first item.


Pressing Enter will create a new list item.


Enter list items as needed. The list of items in this example are all at one level. We can create outlines that have indented levels of information. This is how most outlines are developed. Indented levels are useful for indicating subcategories or information that is subordinate but related to the previous item.


To create an indented level tap on the tab key on a keyboard or click on the indent right button in the Home Ribbon.


The indented item will begin with a letter.


The rest of the items in the indented list will appear with the same letter format.


Indented lists can have indented lists of their own. The next level will begin with Roman numerals.

Press and hold the shift key then press the tab key.


Return to a previous level by pressing the shift key and tab key.


To return to another previous level repeat the shift and tab key combination.

Lists and Outlines with iOS


Tap once on the page where the list will be created. Tap on the numbered list option.


The numbered list begins with the standard Arabic numbering system.


Begin typing the list items and press return after each item to automatically enter a list item below.


Tap on the indent button to create an indented list item.


Repeat the process for creating list items.


Tap the Outdent button in the button bar to return to a previous level.


To stop adding to the list press enter one more time at the end of a list item.


The list process will stop and the cursor will be placed to the left of the list items.

List and Outlines with Android

Creating lists on Android devices follows the same process we used for creating lists and outlines with iOS.


The options to indent and outdent list items is available in the button bar.

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