Working With Keynote Text Styles

Each Keynote Theme comes with a set of text styles. This is a selection of fonts and colors that are designed to work with the theme. They are usually designed and setup by a graphics designer. The Styles are designed to work with specific parts of a slide but they can be used anywhere. We usually don’t have to worry about applying a style if we work with the slide themes as they are set. If we decide to place and position our own text boxes, then using the styles becomes very important. Text styles keep our presentation looking consistent.

In this slide layout, we have two text boxes. When we select a text box, the panel on the right updates to provide the tools we need to work with the text.

The text section contains the style selector, which contains all the styles available for the presentation using this theme. In this example, the style selector is showing us the Title style. This is because the box we selected is using the Title style.

Clicking the triangle displays the list of styles that are available. Each style has a name that identifies what it is designated to be used for in the presentation. In this example, we have the title, subtitle and body text styles.

The rest of the styles include body small, caption, caption red, quote and attribution.

Let’s apply these styles on some text we insert onto a blank slide. To add a blank slide, click on the “Add Slide” button.

The blank slide master is at the bottom of the list of available slide masters.

Click on the Text button.

Double-click on the text box and provide a title.

The text box is using the caption style. Let’s change this to be the title style option.

Click on the style selector menu and select the title style.

The text in the box takes on the characteristics assigned to the style.

We can use the same process to assign consistent styles to all the content in our slides.

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