Windows and tabs in the Chrome browser

Tabs are a powerful feature of any browser, but when you combine tabs and windows, the possibilities are endless. We know that tabs are good for opening multiple pages in the browser without the headache of windows opening all over the place. We also know that opening pages in separate windows can be confusing. What if we can combine the features of both and use them to help get our work done more effectively.

Browser windows can be a useful way for us to organize tabs. We can use windows to group tabs in any way we choose. Let’s begin with the basics. We can create a new window by going to the menu, clicking File and selecting New Window. We can also use the shortcut key Command + W on Mac or Control + W on Windows.




We get a new window where we can begin working with a set of tabs. For example we can have a browser window open with several tabs that represent documents like Google Docs, Sheets or Slides. We can also have a window open with tabs dedicated to information sites that have information we need to work on in our documents. In this example I will go to my Google Drive and create a Document for research.


For the next step we could easily create a tab to switch back and forth between tabs. The problem is that, we would have to keep switching back and forth between these tabs. Instead we can create a new window and open that window to the page with the information. My research paper will cover Nikola Tesla.


I can place my browser windows side by side to work on the research paper. The information is easy to access from each of the tabs in the window on the right and the window with my document is always open on the left. This works very well with the latest versions of Windows and OS X, which provide the option to snap windows to parts of the screen.

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