windows 10 quick access folders

Windows 10 Quick Access to folders

Quick access is part of File Explorer, and as the name implies, it provides quick access to folders. This usually refers to commonly used folders. In Windows 10, we have typical folders in Quick Access for documents, pictures, music, desktop, downloads and videos.

File explorer can be found in the task bar.


DraggedImage.d48a528378bf4002a0b43bcf32bb1c9a.pngQuick Access is on the left side below the ribbon. We can add some of our own folders. Let's walk through an example. We’ll click on the documents folder in Quick access.

DraggedImage.78605acc67ec4fb18aa72922b2d53db6.pngInside the folder is a publications folder. We’ll double click on this folder to display the contents.

DraggedImage.957ea92a2a8748debeb696f2981d9cb5.pngInside this folder we have a blogs folder. Let's use this as our example, and pin this folder to Quick Access so we can easily get to it in the future.

DraggedImage.5fa7b66731c84d4dab8a10b910f8960a.pngClick once on the folder and click on the Pin to Quick Access button.

DraggedImage.501b1fb62d3547209dfb9c7e4e115696.pngThe blog folder will be placed in Quick Access.

DraggedImage.f582dcf221fa459598fcfd014d84915a.pngTo unpin the folder from Quick access, right click on the folder in Quick access and select unpin from Quick access.

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