Updating default Microsoft Word styles

The default paragraph styles that come with Word are very simple and are there to get us started. We can modify these styles so they can be applied to our writing needs. For example, if we need the normal style to use Times New Roman instead of Calibri, we can modify the style.

The easiest way to modify a style is to modify the text that is based on the style we want to change. In this example, we will change the normal style font from Calibri to Times New Roman. We’ll select one or two words to update the style. We don’t need to select a complete sentence or paragraph because paragraph styles are applied to a complete paragraph. We just need to select some words to work with as a sample. Of course, if you like, you can select several sentences or a complete paragraph.




We can use the formatting options on the Home tab to make the changes we need. In this example, we’ll change the font to Times New Roman 14 point.


Now we need to update the normal paragraph style with our new font. The simplest way to do this is to right click on the normal style. A contextual menu will open and the first option available is to update the style based on the selection. We’ll select this option.


When we look at the selection, the text we highlighted changed to Times New Roman 14 point and, the rest of the sentence updated too.


The normal style will automatically be applied to each new paragraph.

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