Updating Apps on Android

Apps on Android devices are set to automatically update. This automatic update option can be disabled, and in that case we would need to update the Apps manually. If automatic update is enabled, we can choose to wait for the automatic updates to take place or we can choose to update one or more apps manually. In this lesson we will learn how to manually update apps.

Tap on the Google Play Store icon.




In the Play Store, tap on the menu icon, which is the three lines next to the search bar.


Tap on My apps.


This will bring up a list of installed apps. On the right of each app we will find a link to update the app if there is an update available. To update one app, tap on the update link.


This will take us to the update page for the app. On this page we can proceed with the update by tapping the update button.

We will be presented with an information box to accept the update. This information box will provide additional information about the requirements for installing the update. It’s possible that an update will require that we update the Android operating system or adjust settings to accommodate the update.


The process of updating individual apps can be tedious. We can choose to update all he apps at once by tapping the update all button.


This will bring up an apps update permission box. Tap on the accept button to proceed. Each app that has an update available will be updated.


Recently updated apps will be listed below the recently updated section. All apps that are up to date will be listed below the up to date section.

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