Trimming video within Google Slides

Trimming Video Within Google Slides

Trimming video within Google Slides

This is an excerpt from one of the chapters in my book entitled Interactive Stories with Google Slides. The book uses the concept of creating interactive stories to teach students a variety of skills in Google Slides. Using Screencastify to add audio to slides is just one of those skills you will learn in this book.

We can hide unwanted video from the beginning and end within the slide. This method of trimming video can be used with videos from Screencastify or any video format supported by Google Slides. This process doesn’t actually trim the video but sets the time marker where the video will begin playing and the out marker where the video will stop playing.

Google supports videos in the Apple Quicktime format and Windows Video Media format. Video recorded with other software needs to be uploaded to Google Drive or YouTube before it can be inserted into a slide.

Click Insert in the menu and select video.

insert menu option for video


Select the Google Drive option from the Insert options panel.

Google Drive tab option to insert video


Find the video and double click the file. You can also click the file icon once and click the “Select” button.

webm videos in google drive


Use the re-size handles to make the video thumbnail on the slide very small.

selected video in Google Slide


I made the video thumbnail smaller so it is easier to position later.

Trimming the video

Make sure the video is selected and click the video options button in the button bar.

video options in menu button bar


The video options panel will open on the right. Click the play button to listen to the audio.

play button for video in options panel


Press the pause button when you want to mark the start of the audio.

pause button for video in options panel


Use the slider below the video to move the play position back a little if you pass the point of where you want to start the audio. The slider is called the scrubber and the act of moving the play position back and forth is called scrubbing. The point where the video begins to play is called the play-head.

playhead and scrub marker for video


Click the “Use current time” button when the play-head is at the location you want to mark the beginning of the audio. The “Use current time” button is located below the “Start time” box.

scrubbing to start postion


The time stamp for the play-head position will be recorded in the Start time box.

start position marked in field box


Click the play button again and listen to the audio. Click the pause button and click the “Use current time” button below the “End at” time box when the audio reaches the point where you want it to stop playing.

end time marked in end time field box


Click the option to auto play the video when presenting.

autoplay when presenting option selected


The video does not have to be on the slide and visible. It does need to be touching an edge of the slide. Move the video out of the slide and use the smart guides to make sure the video is touching one of the Slide edges.

video thumbnail placed outside of slide touching the slide edge


Click the Present button to preview the slide and audio.

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