text to speech on Mac

Text To Speech On Mac

On Mac, we can use the text to speech option to have the text read to us. The latest technologies help make the reading of text sound much better than the digitized voices of the past. The text to speech option is automatically available to use whenever we highlight text. In this example, we have a web page open to a speech from Martin Luther King. We need to select some text to be read.




Once the text is highlighted, we need to right-click on the selected text. A contextual menu will open with several options. One of the options includes the speech option. We’ll move our mouse over the speech option and select Start Speaking.


The text will be read with the default voice, which is usually the Alex. In this example, we selected a small paragraph. To stop the text from being read at any point we need to right click the same highlighted text and select the Stop Speaking option.


We can adjust the language used to read the text and the rate at which the text is read. Click on the Apple menu and select “System Preferences”.


Click the “Dictation & Speech” settings icon.


Click on the “Text To Speech” section. Click on the “System Voice” selector to change the voice. Move the “Speaking Rate” slider to increase or decrease the speed at which the text is read. Alex is the default system voice and the voice that sounds more natural than the other voice options. Change the voice with the selector and click the play button for a sample playback of that voice.

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