Tabs Into Windows and Windows Into Tabs in the Chrome browser

We’ve been working with tabs and we know they are very useful. There may be times when we need to have a tab open in a window on its own. We may need to do this because we’re presenting something on our computer and don’t want to show the usual clutter of tabs. Opening a tab in its own window is very simple. In this example I will open my web site onto a window of its own. To do this, I’ll drag the tab down toward the page.




The tab will automatically be converted to a new window with this page as the only tab in the window.


We can do the reverse and place a window as a tab into an existing window. To do this, we’ll drag the tab on to the other window next to one of the tabs.

The window disappears and the tab is now part of the other window like it was before. If we have more than one tab in a window, each tab has to be moved over.

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