Switching From Standard Theme to Wide Theme in Keynote

We are usually comfortable selecting the theme we’ve always used and the size we prefer for presentations, but there are times when we need to change not only the theme but also the dimensions of the presentation. For example, we may need to change from a standard size presentation to a wide size presentation or vise versa. It’s very easy to switch from one to another but the changes that occur after, could prove frustrating. In this example, I have a presentation that was created using the standard size format and theme.

To change the theme size, click on the document option in the button bar.

In the document panel, click on the slide size pull down menu and select Widescreen(16:9).

In this example, I have several images that filled the previous slides from left to right. After changing to the new slide screen format we have some space to the left and to the right of the image. This isn’t so much of a problem when changing to a larger format. It could be a problem when changing to a smaller format like standard.

Another thing that happens when changing from one size to another is the amount of space taken up by text. In this example, the text looks small against a larger slide format.

It’s easy to switch themes when needed, but switching themes may significantly change the layout of our content on slides.

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