Simple Math Operations With OneNote

OneNote has the ability to perform some basic math operations within a text box. To add two numbers we type 3+4=. To get the answer press the space bar after the equal sign. The simple rule to solving problems is to keep the operation together and not use spaces except for after the equal sign. Here are some examples of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. To multiply numbers use the asterisk between numbers. For example, 3*5=, is three times five. To divide numbers use the forward slash between numbers. For example, 4/2=, is four divided by two.




Parenthesis can be used for slightly more advanced operations like (2*3)-(5-3)=, and (9-(6/2))=.


Student can also use exponents in their equations. For example, 3^2+5=, three squared plus five. The “^” symbol is called a caret.

This is a list of the basic operations.

– “+” for addition

– “-“ for subtraction

– “*” for multiplication “x” can also be used

– “/“ for division

– “^” caret for exponents

– “!” for factorials

– “%” for percentages

This is a list of math options for trigonometry. Type the letters in uppercase to use them.

– “ABS” for absolute value

– “ACOS” for arccosine

– “ASIN” for arcsine

– “ATAN” for arctangent

– “COS” for cosine

– “DEG” converts an angle in radians to degrees

– “LN” returns the natural logarithm of a number

– “LOG” returns the natural logarithm of a number

– “LOG2” returns the base 2 logarithm of a number

– “MOD” returns the remainder of a division operation

– “PI” returns the value of Pi as a constant

– “PHI” returns the value of the golden ratio

– “PMT” calculates a loan payment based on a constant interest rate, a constant number of payments, and the present value of the total amount.

– “RAD” converts the angle in degrees to radians

– “SIN” returns the sine of the given angle

– “SQRT” returns the positive square root

– “TAN” returns the tangent of a number

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