Sharing Recordings On YouTube

Video recorded with Screencastify can be shared on YouTube. This makes it easy to share recorded lessons on YouTube Channels. Every Google account includes a YouTube account and a YouTube Channel. A YouTube Channel is where all the video uploaded to your account is stored and shared. A Google account typically includes one Channel, but more channels can be created. Additional channels can be created to categorize content.

These instructions assume you have already setup a YouTube account. If the account is not setup, go to and setup the account. It takes a few minutes.

Click on the Share icon above the video.




The option to share the video on YouTube is automatically selected. Click on the option to select a Channel.


Google will display a list of Google accounts used on the browser.


Screencastify will prompt for permission to access and manage content on this account’s YouTube channel. Click the “Allow” button.


The “Share Recording” box will open again. Click on the Add Channel button if one doesn’t currently exist for the account. Screencastify might prompt you to log in with the account again, and grant it permission.


Screencastify needs permission to access or create a channel. Select the account that has the channel created.


Click the “Allow” button.


The video privacy is currently set so anyone can find and view the video. This option can be changed by clicking the three dots on the right. These three dots are known as the More actions menu.


The privacy options include Public, Unlisted, and Private. These privacy options can be changed at any time in YouTube for each video. The Unlisted option will display the video to anyone that uses a provided link or that knows where the YouTube channel is located.


To get a link to this video click the Get Link option.


A shareable link will be created which can be copied and shared with anyone.


There are options on the right side to copy the link, and if the account is an educator account there will be an option to share this video with Google Classroom. Click the close button. This video will be uploaded to YouTube and available based on the privacy settings.

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