Sharing Photos With iCloud

With iCloud we can share photos with others. On our devices like iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch we can do this from the Photos app. Let’s open the Photos app and select some photos to share through iCloud. We can share a moment, or we can use the select option to choose the photos we want to share from different moments. In this example, We’ll tap on the select option to select photos from different moments.




With the select option, we need to tap on each image we want to send.


We’ll select some images to share.


Tap on the share icon.


Tap on iCloud Photo Sharing.


If the images are not on the device, we will see a preparing progress box. This means the images are being downloaded to the device.


An iCloud Posting box will open. In this posting box we can add a comment about the photos. This comment will be visible to those that have access to the shared album. The box also selects the last album we used to post images. If this was our first share, then we would be prompted to create an album.


After providing a comment, we’ll need to create a new album to share these photos. To create a new album tap on the Shared Album link.


This will display a list of other albums in our iCloud. If we wanted to place these photos into one of these existing albums, we would tap on the appropriate album. To create a new album, tap on the New Shared Album option.


We will be prompted to provide a name for the album.


After providing a name, tap the next button.


We’ll be prompted to provide an email or contact name. As we type a name, the device will look through our list of contacts and offer suggestions. We can tap on a contact, and the contact will be added.


The same holds true if we begin to type an email address. If the email address is not in our contacts, then we will need to provide all the information. Once we’ve provided all the recipients, tap next.


The iCloud post box will display the comments and album for the photos we want to share. To share the photos, tap the post button. Recipients will receive an email with a message about the shared album and a link.

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