Sharing Google Calendars

Google Calendars can be shared with specific individuals. They can also be shared with the world by making them public. Sharing calendars with others is one way to keep others informed of your daily, weekly, or monthly events.

Permissions for these calendars can be granted to those that will have access to one or more calendars. Permissions include giving someone access to create, edit, and share events in your calendar. This option can be granted to an assistant that is in charge of scheduling events for a supervisor or an organization. The most common permission is the permission to grant others the right to view scheduled events on the calendar and not grant them permission to make changes.

In this lesson we will share a calendar with another Google account user and grant that person the standard view events permission. Google calendars can be shared with others that do not have a Google account but they will not be able to make any edits without an account.

Access your Google calendar from the Google Apps launcher or go to, and login with your account information.

Calendars are located in a panel on the left. Hover your mouse over a calendar name. An actions menu option will appear. Click on the triangle.




Click on the option to share this calendar. We could have also chosen to share the calendar during the calendar creation process but I wanted to cover the creation process using this option for those that did not need to or want to create another calendar.


A share configuration page will open. Click once in the “Person” box to provide the email address of someone to share the calendar with. The person must have a Google account to use the shared calendar in a Google Site. People without a Google account will still be able to view the calendar but will not be able to do anything other than view the calendar events.


After providing the email address we need to select a permission to grant for the calendar. The option that is automatically selected is the option to see all events. This is the main reason why we created a new calendar just for the events. We want everyone to see all events created in this calendar. Using a separate calendar allows us to partition events for the public from personal calendar events not meant for the public.

The other options include permissions for the person to make changes and manage sharing of the calendar. The person can be permitted to make changes to the calendar but not share with anyone else with the second option. The last option restricts the information displayed in the calendar to free and busy. This option is not very useful if we want to share information about events with the public.


We can choose one of the other options to grant the person permission to edit events and even to share the calendar. These permissions are not transferred to the public. The public can only view the events.


Click the “Add Person” button to share this calendar.

We can add other people with whom to share the calendar by following the same process. When you’re done adding people, click the Save button.


The calendar is now saved and shared with the person.

Viewing A Shared Calendar

The person on the receiving end of the shared calendar will find the calendar in the panel on the left under the “Other Calendars” section.


To see the shared calendar, click on the disclosure triangle. Refresh the browser if the calendar does not appear. The contents of the calendar are automatically viewable. The color next to the calendar name indicates that the contents of the calendar are visible. Clicking this box will show, or hide the calendar for your personal view. This option does not affect the public’s ability to view the calendar events.

We can receive access to several calendars using this process.

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