sharing documents with View Only permission in Google Drive

Documents created in Google Drive can easily be shared with others as a final product. There are two ways we can share a document with others. We can grant others rights to edit a document or we can limit their access to viewing the document only. When we share documents with view rights, the document cannot be modified but can be copied or printed by the recipients. There are a couple of ways we can share documents. With a document open, click the blue share button in the button bar on the right side.




A share pane will open where we can provide the email address for recipients. We can use any email address for any service but in order to view the document, the recipient must have a Google account. We can enter one or more email addresses into the email box.


When sharing a document, the document permission is automatically set to let the recipient edit the document. We can click on the permissions selector and choose view.

To begin sharing the document, click the share button. The recipient will receive an email with a link to this document. The recipient will be taken to the Google login page to see the document, if he or she is not currently logged in.


Another way to share a document is to share it within Drive. To share a document from within Drive, click once on a document.


In the button bar, click the share button.

The same share pane we saw earlier will open. Enter the recipients email address, select view only and click the send button.


The recipients will receive an email with a link to the document, but they don’t have to go to the trouble of opening the email if they know they will be receiving access to a document. All shared documents can be found in the Shared With Me section.

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