Setting The Home Page in the Chrome browser

The Chrome browser is automatically set to open the Google search page unless you’ve changed the home page settings. We can set the page or pages that are automatically opened when we start the Chrome browser. Each home page opens in a separate tab and we can decide which order those tabs will be presented to us in the browser. This is similar to the pinned tabs option we learned about in a previous lesson.

Click on the Chrome menu button and select settings.




In the settings page we see an option to set the startup page. Unless this has been changed, the default setting is set to open a new tab. This usually takes us to the Google search page. Let’s click on the third option to open a specific page or pages. Click on the set pages link.


A box will open so we can either type or paste the link to the page we want to open. If we happen to be on the page or pages we want to automatically open, we can simply click the use current pages button. This button looks at all the pages you currently have open and set those as start up pages. I’ll be manually providing the pages in this example.


Once I’ve entered the page, I’ll click the OK button.


This will take us back to the settings page. Nothing looks any different, but if we quit the browser and start it again, the page we set will automatically open.


Let’s set a couple more pages to automatically open when we start the browser. This time, I’ll have those pages already open in the browser. Each site or page is in a separate tab.


Let’s go back to the settings page and click the set pages link.


The start page we set earlier is here. Let’s add the other pages we have open. Click the use current pages button.


The pages that are currently open will be automatically populated in the list. We also have an address box available so we can add another site or page manually. Let’s set these pages by clicking the Ok button. Quit your browser and start it again to see each of these pages load. The pages load the same way we had them open.


Let’s do one more thing. What if I change my mind and I would rather have my gmail tab open first instead of my site page. We can’t change the order in the settings page but we can change the order in the browser. I’ll click and drag the gmail tab to the left of my site tab.


I’ll then go back to the settings page and click the set pages link. This will open the links box. Click the use current pages button.


Notice how the gmail page floated to the top of the list. When I click OK and restart the browser, the gmail tab will be the first to open.

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