Setting Edit Permissions To A Range of Cells In Google Sheets

Setting Edit Permissions To A Range of Cells In Google Sheets
Sharing and collaborating on worksheets is one of the benefits of using Google Sheets. At the most basic level we can grant permission for someone to edit a spreadsheet. This permission allows access to the complete workbook and all the spreadsheets. There may be times when we don’t want to grant access to edit some part of a spreadsheet. In this case, we can grant permission to edit specific sheets or ranges of information.

In this example, we want to provide edit access to specific cells in the sheet. We want to provide access to one range of cells for one account and permission to another range of cells for another account.

google sheet with information


data menu options

Click on “Data” in the menu and select “Protected sheets and ranges”.

protected sheets panel

A configuration panel will open on the right side. Click on “Add a sheet or range”.

permission description box

We need to provide a short description for this permission.

selected range option

We’ll provide the name of the campus that will have access to this range of cells. The range option is selected for us in this example, click on the range button if this option is not selected. In this example, one of the rows is selected for me. This is a row I was working on before.

range name

To select the cells for this account, click on the cell icon.

select range option

We need to select one or more cells for the range.

protected sheet range

Click and drag to select a range of cells.

updated sheet range

In this example, cells C5 to C16 in sheet “Open Questions” is selected. Click the “OK” button to save the selection.

protected range information

We need to designate who will have access to this part of the spreadsheet for editing. Click on the “Set permissions” button.

range edit permissions

A permissions pane will open.

custom permission sharing option

Click on the restrictions pull down menu and select the custom option.

selected user account

Provide an account name in the editors field.

additional user account

Provide the information for one or more accounts. Click the done button to grant the user access to this range of cells in the spreadsheet.

permission lock

The permission setting appears in the panel on the right.

We can repeat the same process to grant edit access to other range of cells in this sheet.

permission lock information

We can add or remove accounts that have access to a range of cells. Click on a permission in the panel.

edit permission options

Click on the “change permissions” button.

Click on the check mark to remove it from an account. Click the done button to save the changes.

change user permission


change permission confirmation

Click the done button to save the permission update.

permissions panel

To remove edit access, click on the restriction in the panel.

edit permission range

Click the trash can icon.

confirmation message

Click the remove button to confirm.

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