Restoring A Chromebook With Powerwash

Chromebooks and the Chrome operating system usually work very well. There might be a time when a Chromebook might not work as well as it once did. Resetting the Chrombook and the operating system might help restore the device to good working order.

There is an option called Powerwash which will erase and reset the Chromebook. This will erase all the content stored on the Chromebook and remove any accounts. Make sure to backup any stored content from the Chromebook to a cloud account or an external drive before using Powerwash.

Powerwash is part of the Chrome operating system and can be found in settings.

Click on the right side of the Shelf.

Click on Settings.

Scroll down the settings page and click on Advanced settings.

Scroll down to the bottom of the advanced settings section. Click on the Powerwash button.

A dialogue box will open. Click the Restart button to wipe the Chromebook.

When the Chromebook restarts, connect to a WiFi location and setup the account information.

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