Replacing Keynote Slide Master Layout Theme Images

Most Keynote themes include placeholder images as part of the slide layout master. We can replace these images with images of our own. To replace this image, we’ll click on the image.

Click on the icon in the lower right hand corner.

The Photos library will open so we can select one of the images in our library. Click one of the images in the Photos library.

The selected image will replace the theme image.

Once the slide master image is replace with one of our own, we won’t see the icon to replace the image again.

To replace the image, we need to right click on the image. We can also hold the Command key and click with the mouse. Select the “Replace image” option in the contextual menu.

The Photos library will open so we can select a different image.

We may not always have the image in our Photos library. The image can be on our computer. To replace the slide image with one from our computer, click on the Image section button and click the Replace button.

A file selection box will open. Select an image on your computer and either double-click the image or select the image and click the open button.

Another way to replace the image is by dragging and dropping the image from our computer. Select the image to be replace then drag the new image onto the image in the slide.

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