Renaming Google Documents

The easiest way to rename a Google Document like Docs, Sheets, or Slides is to click on the document name when it is open in edit mode. In this example, we have a spreadsheet that has been converted from Excel to Google Sheets. It still has the Excel extension.




After changing the document name, press the enter key to confirm the name change.


We don’t have to open a document in order to rename it. We can rename documents or files within Google Drive. We have a file selected in this example. To rename the file, click on it once and then right click on the file. Select rename from the contextual menu.


A rename box opens where we can update the document name.


Click the OK button to save the new document name.


We can also click on the actions menu after selecting the file. Clicking on the rename option in the menu will open the same rename box for the file.

This is an excellent way to rename Google documents or other file types that cannot be opened in Drive for editing, like PDF documents.

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