Renaming A Sheet In Google Sheets Workbook

When we create a new Google Sheet, we are actually creating a document that can hold several sheets. We automatically have one created, and this spreadsheet has the generic name called, sheet1. As we work with spreadsheets, it might be necessary to create more that one in a document.

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As we create sheets, they are given generic names like sheet1, sheet2 and so on. It is useful to give these sheets meaningful names.


In this example, we have a spreadsheet that was uploaded and converted from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The sheet has the name of the original spreadsheet, including the extension. To rename this sheet, click on the triangle to the right of the sheet name.


A menu will display with several options. Click the option to rename the sheet.


The sheet name will be selected and highlighted so we can type in the new name. Type a new name and press the return key on your keyboard.

We can also double click on the sheet name and it will be selected for us to rename.

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