Remote Assistance With Chrome Remote Desktop

Google offers a very useful tool that can be used to remote into other devices. In this lesson, we will be installing the Chrome Remote App and using it to remote onto another Chromebook and Chrome browser.

The Chrome Remote App can be found and installed from the Chrome Store. Using your Chrome browser or Chromebook, go to the Chrome web store and search for Chrome remote desktop.(

The Chrome Remote Desktop App will appear in the search results.

Click the “Add to Chrome” button.

Click the “Add app” button when the confirmation dialogue box opens.

The Chrome Remote Desktop app will be installed and placed in the Launcher. Repeat the process on another Chromebook or computer with the Chrome browser installed. One of these machines will be used to remote into the other.

Click on the Chrome Remote Desktop app to begin.

A Remote Desktop dialogue box will open. Remote Desktop has two options. The first will remote into another computer. This is the option to use when providing something like tech support or one on one instructions.

The other option will help setup personal devices running Mac or Windows so they can be accessed remotely from a Chromebook, Mac or Windows computer.

The Remote Assistance option requires a person on the remote machine to grant access. The permission to access the machine needs to be provided each time by a user. The My Computers option grants access once and the computer can be accessed remotely anytime in the future.

Click on the “Get started” button to remote into another computer.

The Remote Assistant will prompt us to share the current computer with someone else or to access another computer. Click the “Share” button to grant access to this computer.

A one-time code will be generated for the computer. Provide this code to anyone that needs access. The code will be used on a remote computer to access this Chromebook.

A message with information about the account that is being used to remote will be presented on the computer. Stop sharing a computer at any time by clicking the “Stop Sharing” button.

A dialogue box will open with a prompt to enter the code when a request is made to remote into a computer. The code can be entered without spaces.

We can see the remote computer’s desktop and applications in a window.

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