Publishing Google Sheet ranges

Publishing Google Sheets to the web is easy to do but publishing specific ranges is not so easy. We could create a sheet within a workbook with the data we want to share and then publish that sheet. This, of course, means we need to create a special sheet just for this purpose. We can publish a range of cells in a sheet without the need to create a special sheet for that purpose.

Open a Google Sheet to share, click File in the menu and select Publish to the web.


The publishing option provides options for what we want to publish. Click the selector that reads “Entire Document”.


Select a sheet that contains the data to be shared.


Click the “Publish” button.


Click Ok to the confirmation message.


A share window will open with a link to the published sheet. Copy this link and we will paste it into a separate tab.


Close the publishing window.


Open a new tab by clicking File in the browser menu and selecting New Tab.


Past the publish link into the address bar.


Click once within the publish address and use the arrow key on the keyboard to move the cursor all the way to the right end of the address. The address link should end with the word “true”.


The sheet has a pivot table with data that begins in cell A1 and goes to cell G10. This is the range we want to share.


We need to manually enter the range of cells that will be published. Type the “&range=A1:G10” after the world true and press the return key on your keyboard.


The page will update and display the contents of the range provided.


Publishing a range of cells allows anyone to view the contents but does not allow them to make changes.

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