Publishing a Google Sheets chart

Charts created in Google Sheets can be shared with others without the need to share the spreadsheet. Create a chart and make sure it is selected. Click the Actions menu on the chart.


Select the option to publish the chart.


A publish options window will open. Leave the options as they are and click the Publish button. We will be using a link to share.


A confirmation message will display. Click the OK button.


A link to the chart will be generated and displayed. There are several ways we can share this link. They include Google Plus, Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter. We can also copy and paste the link. The link can be copied and pasted into Google Classroom for student assignments. Copy the link so we can paste it in a web browser.


Open a new tab in the browser by clicking File and selecting Tab.


Paste the link into the address bar and press the return key on the keyboard. The chart will appear on the page without any of the individual pieces of spreadsheet data.


The chart is interactive and live. Move the mouse arrow over the pie chart to display additional information about the chart data. The data is also live. This means that the chart updates when data in the spreadsheet changes.


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