Protecting A Sheet In Google Sheets Workbook

Protecting A Sheet In Google Sheets Workbook
When working with Google Sheets we might often work with others collaboratively. When collaborating on spreadsheets we might need to make sure that some information isn’t editable by others. We can set restrictions on spreadsheets or on a range of cells. Restrictions are set using tools similar to sharing documents.

We want to restrict any editing of the sheet labeled “District Level”.

selected sheet


sheet context menu

To restrict edit access to this sheet, click on the triangle next to the sheet name and select the option to “protect sheet”.

protect sheet range panel

A “protect sheets and ranges” panel will open on the right side. Provide a name to identify this restriction.

sheet permissions name

After setting the name, leave everything else the same and the sheet will be protected. No one else can edit this sheet. To take a look at the permissions, click the “set permissions” button.

restrict editing options custom permission options

A permissions pane will open and show that the sheet can only be edited by the owner.
Setting Custom Permissions
We can grant permission to other accounts so they can edit this sheet. Click on the pull down menu and select custom.

select an account for permission

The pane will expand so we can provide the account information of someone that can edit this sheet.

adding other editors

Click the “Done” button to grant the account holder access to edit the sheet.

locked sheet information

The permission is listed in the permission panel.

lock on sheet tab

A lock icon appears on the sheet.

locked sheet panel information

Click on the permission description to remove the protection from this sheet.

additional sheet permissions

Click the trash can icon to delete this permission configuration.

removing protected range warning message

Click the “Remove” button on the confirmation pane.

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