Pinning tabs in the Chrome browser

Many of us often need to go to the same web pages or web sites every day. Chrome has a way to make these pages available to use each time we start the browser. Chrome has the option to pin tabs. These pinned tabs will always open each time we start the browser. Pinning tabs is very easy. Open a page or site you need to pin and right click on the tab. Select the pin tab option.




The tab will be pinned to the left most side of the browser. The tab will also shrink to a very thin version of itself.


We can pin multiple tabs and they will all load each time we open the browser. Go ahead and try it. Quit the Chrome browser and start it again. Those pinned tabs will be right there and the pages loaded.

Take care not to pin too many tabs. The more tabs you pin means more pages that need to be loaded. This could take a while to get you fully up and running. Web pages also pull processor and memory resources from your computer. This could slow down your computer.

We can’t pin all sites or pages. If certain pages require a login before they become available, those will not load without you first logging onto the page or site.

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