Pasting information From Clipboard Managers on iPhone or iPad

Now that we’ve used clipboard managers to save our information, we can use them to paste the information. In this example, I’ll use Pages to build my document on Nikola Tesla. I’ll make sure my cursor is where I want to paste the information.


Using Clips Clipboard Manager
I’ll swipe down to open notifications. To get the information from Clips, I’ll tap on the arrow.


This will reveal several options. We can copy the text only, URL (web page address) or both the text and URL. Since this is part of a document I should include both the text and URL for citation purposes. I’ll tap the text and URL option. This will copy the information into the devices memory.


I’ll hide the notifications and return to my Pages document. I’ll tap once in the document to get the option to paste the information.


The information and the URL for the page are pasted into the document.
Using Copied Clipboard Manager
Let’s repeat the process with the Copied widget. The Copied widget hides the clippings, so we need to reveal them.


To copy the information, we need to tap on the clipping once.


This will reveal three buttons. The first button on the left will copy the information into memory so we can paste it. The second button will take us to the clipboard manager and the third button will remove the clipping. Let’s tap on the first one to copy the information. Back in our document, we can paste the information.
Using Heapo Clipboard Manager
With Heapo, we need to show the list of clippings by tapping on show list.


With Heapo, all we need to do is tap on the clipping and it will automatically be copied into memory for us to paste.

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