mode options in Google Docs

Mode Options In Google Docs

Google Docs has three modes. We are usually in Editing mode when working on a document. The other mode options include Suggesting and Viewing. As an editor of a document, we can switch between any of these modes. In this lesson, we will look at the benefits of being able to switch between modes as the editor of a document.

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windows 10 quick access folders

Windows 10 Quick Access to folders

Quick access is part of File Explorer, and as the name implies, it provides quick access to folders. This usually refers to commonly used folders. In Windows 10, we have typical folders in Quick Access for documents, pictures, music, desktop, downloads and videos. File explorer can be found in the task bar.   Quick Access is on the left side below the ribbon. We can add some of our own folders. Let’s walk through an […]

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Changing The Wallpaper on iPhone or iPad

Behind all those icons of your favorite apps is the home screen wallpaper. Wallpaper is usually an image that sits in the background and adds something to our experience. Wallpaper images are usually images that mean something to us, like images of our family or images of our favorite scenery. Our devices have two wallpaper options. There is a lock screen wallpaper and a home screen wallpaper. The lock screen wallpaper is the one we […]

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Updating Apps on Android

Apps on Android devices are set to automatically update. This automatic update option can be disabled, and in that case we would need to update the Apps manually. If automatic update is enabled, we can choose to wait for the automatic updates to take place or we can choose to update one or more apps manually. In this lesson we will learn how to manually update apps.

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Google Site File Cabinet Versions In Google Sites

A powerful feature in File Cabinet Google Site pages, is the versioning of files. Versioning only takes place with documents or media that is uploaded from computers. To add files, click the Add file button.

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