Google Slides for Q&A

Google slides is built for sharing and interactivity. One of the interactive tools is available during a presentation for audience members. This tool allows the presenter to collect questions and comments from an audience during a presentation.

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iBooks Author for review widget with images for review questions

iBooks Author Review Questions with images

Images for iBooks Author Review Questions With iBooks Author, we can create review questions for readers. In a teaching environment, the use of visuals provides opportunities to help visual learners and provide differentiated instruction. Teachers and students can use iBooks Author in Flipped, Blended and Project instruction models. Images in iBooks Author can be used to re-enforce concepts taught and learned in an iBook or classroom.

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Adding fonts to our Google font library

The standard font library under our Google account includes several very useful fonts. We have access to a variety of other fonts which can be used to enrich our slides or documents.

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Multiple choice review questions in iBooks Author

Multiple choice review questions can be created in iBooks Author to help students review content, facts and vocabulary.

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Chromebook mBot Bluetooth connection solution

Makeblock mBot for Scratch X Bluetooth Connection

Connecting the mBot with Bluetooth on a Chromebook begins by resetting the firmware to clear out any code on the mCore board.

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Working with Document Outlines in Google Docs

Document outlines in Google Docs are like a table of contents. These document outlines are very useful in long documents because they can be used to jump to sections in that document.

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create YouTube playlists

Creating Play Lists In YouTube

A Playlist in YouTube is a collection of related videos. Playlists can be used to organize videos into categories. Playlists can also be shared with others. We can create playlists for our videos in the Creator Studio section of the YouTube channel.

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text to speech on iPhone or iPad

Text To Speech On iPhone or iPad

Text to speech on iPhone or iPad is part of the assistive settings. This is how it works, we can either select text to be read or we can instruct the device to read everything that displayed on the screen. On most devices this option is not automatically enabled. We can enable this feature in Settings.

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text to speech on Mac

Text To Speech On Mac

On Mac, we can use the text to speech option to have the text read to us. The latest technologies help make the reading of text sound much better than the digitized voices of the past. The text to speech option is automatically available to use whenever we highlight text. In this example, we have a web page open to a speech from Martin Luther King. We need to select some text to be read.

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mode options in Google Docs

Mode Options In Google Docs

Google Docs has three modes. We are usually in Editing mode when working on a document. The other mode options include Suggesting and Viewing. As an editor of a document, we can switch between any of these modes. In this lesson, we will look at the benefits of being able to switch between modes as the editor of a document.

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