Publish Google Sheet Ranges

Publishing Google Sheet ranges

Specific ranges in a Google Sheet can be published on the web.

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Google Slides for Q&A

Google slides is built for sharing and interactivity. One of the interactive tools is available during a presentation for audience members. This tool allows the presenter to collect questions and comments from an audience during a presentation.

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iBooks Author for review widget with images for review questions

iBooks Author Review Questions with images

Images for iBooks Author Review Questions With iBooks Author, we can create review questions for readers. In a teaching environment, the use of visuals provides opportunities to help visual learners and provide differentiated instruction. Teachers and students can use iBooks Author in Flipped, Blended and Project instruction models. Images in iBooks Author can be used to re-enforce concepts taught and learned in an iBook or classroom.

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Adding fonts to our Google font library

The standard font library under our Google account includes several very useful fonts. We have access to a variety of other fonts which can be used to enrich our slides or documents.

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Multiple choice review questions in iBooks Author

Multiple choice review questions can be created in iBooks Author to help students review content, facts and vocabulary.

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