Page Versions in OneNote

OneNote automatically saves documents as they are being developed. Part of this process includes a system of creating versions. OneNote automatically creates a version of the document during the editing process. Versioning is a way for us to be able to go back and view a document the way it was before its current state in the creation process. Versioning is not only good for looking back at a document as it was early in the creation process, it also helps recover content that might have been accidentally erased.

This is a document where we created a table of endangered animals from different classifications in a previous lesson.




To view the different saved versions of this document, click on “View” in the menu and select “Page Versions”.


A list of the saved versions will be listed under the page tab. Each version includes the date of the version and the person that was authoring the content at the time. The most recent saved version is listed first. The first saved version can be found at the bottom of the list. Versions go all the way back to the first edit made on a page.


At the top of the page we see a message informing us of the numbered version that is currently selected. We can restore to this version or delete this version.


Click on the yellow bar for more options.


A contextual menu appears with the options to hide the versions list, restore the document to this version or to delete this version. Restoring to a version will make it the current version of the document. That in turn makes the previous version of the document before this was restored a version in the list of restorable versions. I hope I didn’t give you a headache with that explanation.


Versions can be deleted. OneNote displays a warning about deleting versions. Versions cannot be restored. It’s a good idea never to delete versions. Think of them as a safety net for your important notes.

Versions are very useful when working collaboratively with someone. Students can make mistakes and weeks worth of work can be lost in seconds. Versions makes it possible for students to return to a state where the document was in better shape and had important content.

Versioning can be used with students to determine which students contributed to content submitted. This works best when students are working on a collaborative project on a shared notebook.

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