Page Color in OneNote

OneNote 2016 for desktops provides an option to change the page color. The option to add color to pages is also available on Android and iOS devices. Changing the page color can be used to personalize the look of pages and it can also be used to enhance the readability of text. The option to change page color is not available on all devices and services for OneNote.1OneNote Page Styles For Office 2016 on Windows
Open a notebook and click on a section. Select a page in the section, click on the “View” tab and click on the “Page Color” option.




A color palette with sixteen color options will display. Select a color and it will be applied immediately.


The color options are light so the black text on pages stands out clearly. The page color settings are automatically applied to pages viewed on all OneNote services. This is one of the benefits of cloud services like Office 365.

OneNote Page Colors For Office 2016 on Mac

Open a notebook and select a section. Select a page in the section. Pages in the Mac version are listed on the right side.


Click on the View tab and click on the “Paper Color” option.


A palette of sixteen color options will open. Click on one of the paper color options.


Light color options make it easier to read the text on pages.

Page Color Option For OneNote on iPad

The page color option is available on the iPad version of OneNote. Open a notebook, select a tab and a page. Tap on the View tab and tap on the “Paper Color” option.


Select a paper color.

Page Color Option For OneNote on Android

Open a notebook, tap on a section and tap on a page.


Tap on the page itself so the panels on the left close and the tabs at the top of the page display.


Tap on the View tab and tap on the “Page color” option.


The page color will update.

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