Organizing Sections with Section Groups in OneNote

The number of sections created might get out of control as teachers and students work with OneNote for extended periods of time on a variety of topics, content, and subjects. Each section contains several pages and sections can be created to organize pages of notes, information, research, and projects. Section Groups can be created in OneNote to group several sections for easy reference and to keep the number of section tabs manageable. Section groups can only be created with the Microsoft OneNote 2016 application for Windows or Mac computers.

Section Groups with OneNote 2016

Open a class notebook and right click on one of the section tabs. Select the option to create a New Section Group.




The section group will be created to the right of any existing section tabs. Replace the generic section name with a meaningful name for this section.


Click on the newly created section group.


Sections can be created inside this section group by clicking the “Add section” tab. New sections can also be created in this grouped section with the mobile version of OneNote for iPad, Surface and Android.


Click the return button to return to the main notebook.


Sections can be moved into the newly created section group. Right click on a section tab and select the option to “Move or Copy” this section.


A list of available notebooks will open. The currently selected notebook will display all the sections available. The list of sections include the section group.


Click once on the section group and click the move button.


The section will be removed from its previous location, placed in the section group and the section group will open to display the moved section.

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