Organizing Google Sites File Cabinet Documents Into Folders

File Cabinet pages are a great way to share documents with individuals, an organization or the world. The number of documents and media on a File Cabinet page can get long very quickly. With a File Cabinet page we can organize documents and other media into folders for better organization.

We have a File Cabinet page with several documents. We can begin to organize these into folders. Before documents or media can be placed into folders they need to be added to the File Cabinet page.

Begin by selecting one or more documents or media. Click the check box next to each item.




Click on the Move to button. A selector will open with the option to move the selected documents to a new folder. Click on the New folder option.


We will be prompted to provide a name for this folder. Type a name and click the Save button.


The folder will be created and the selected files will be placed in the folder.


We know these files are in the Basic Lessons folder because they appear below the folder and below the disclosure triangle. Click on the triangle to close the folder.


We can add more files to this folder or another folder by selecting each and clicking the Move to option. This time the Move to selector includes the folder we just created. Select the folder we just created.

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