Organizing Apps With Folders on iPhone or iPad

We can organize the number of apps on our device with folders. These folders are easy to create. In this example I have several Microsoft office apps. To begin organizing these apps into folders tap and hold an app until the apps begin to shake. Drag one app on top of another.




After a couple of seconds the app below the one you are moving will appear in a box with a translucent background with a title bar above. Release the app in this box.


We have now created a folder for these apps. The title for the folder is based on the app category. We can change the title of the folder by tapping once on the existing title.


This will place the cursor inside the title bar. We can use the delete key to erase the title. We can also tap on the small “X” next to the title. This will erase the title. Once that’s done we can type the new folder title.


The title is automatically saved.


To add more apps to this folder tap once outside the folder to return to the screen. The apps should still be shaking. Drag and drop an app onto this folder. The folder Will dim slightly, and as soon as this happens, release the app. The app will be placed in the folder.


When an app is placed in the folder this way, it’s placed to the right of existing apps. If you would like a little more control over where the app is placed, follow these steps when adding apps to a folder. Drag an app into a folder like we did in the previous example, but this time wait until the folder opens. When the folder opens we can place the app anywhere we want. To go back to the screen, tap once outside the folder box. Repeat the steps as needed to add more apps or create new folders.

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