Ordering Sections in OneNote

Moving and grouping sections is a valuable option when keeping notebooks organized in OneNote. Sections can be moved in all applications on various devices. The option to group sections is only available on the applications for Mac computers and Windows. In this lesson we will look at organizing sections by moving them around in our application on various devices.

Ordering Sections with OneNote for Mac

The sections in the OneNote Mac application are shown as tabs across the top of pages.



These sections can be move by clicking and dragging the tap left or right across other tabs.


This is a very simple process.

Ordering Sections with OneNote Mobile

The tabs in OneNote mobile are shown above pages as tabs. These tabs can be clicked and dragged left or right.


The other section tabs will move aside to accommodate the new position of a section that is being moved.

Ordering Sections with OneNote 2016

The sections on OneNote 2016 are shown as tabs along the top of the pages. Click and drag a tab left or right. An arrow will appear where the section will be placed when released.


The section tabs will update when the section is dragged and released onto its new location.

Ordering Sections with OneNote for iPad

The sections on OneNote for iPad appear above the pages as tabs.


Section tabs can be moved by tapping and dragging them left or right.


The section tabs will move as needed to accommodate the moved section.

Ordering Sections in OneNote for Office 365 Online

The sections in OneNote for Office 365 are located in a panel on the left side.


These sections can be moved by clicking and dragging an active section up or down. A gray bar will appear where the section will be placed.


The other sections will move up or down to accommodate the movement of the section.

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