Night Shift Option on iPhone or iPad

With the release of iOS 9.3, we have a new display option. This option is referred to as Night Shift. Night Shift changes the temperature of the light coming from our device. Devices emit light to display content and this light is usually from the blue spectrum. The light spectrum ranges from blue to red like the colors of a rainbow. Night Shift can automatically shift the colors over to the warmer red in the evening.

To access the Night Shift option, tap on the settings icon.




Tap on the Display & Brightness option.


In this example, the Night Shift option is off. To turn it on, tap on Night Shift.


When turning on Night Shift we have a few options. We can have it scheduled or we can turn it on manually. When we turn it on manually, it will be active on the device for the day and automatically turn itself off the following day.

When we turn on Night Shift manually it will immediately begin using a color that is not as bright as the blue that usually comes from the device. If we move the temperature slider to the left the display will look more like it would without Night Shift. If we move the slider to the right, the display will have more of a reddish hue.


If we like Night Shift and would like it to be available automatically, it can be scheduled. When the schedule option is enabled, we can select the times when Night Shift is used. Night Shift automatically schedules itself from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM. We can schedule different times by tapping on the From/To option.


The 10 PM to 7 AM schedule is part of the custom schedule. To change the start time tap on the “Turn On At” option and select a time.


We can use the traditional selector to choose a time.


Another option for scheduling Night Shift is to use Sunset to Sunrise. With this schedule option, our device will use the location settings to determine sunset and sunrise.

Here’s a tip, if you like Night Shift and want to use it all the time, set the turn on time to something like 8:00 AM and the turn off time to 7:59 AM.

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