New Word document default styles

Start Word and create a new blank document. When we create a blank document, Word automatically applies basic paragraph styles. These styles have information about the font, font size, text alignment and even the font color. We can see this information on the Home tab. In this example, the paragraph font is set to Calibri 12 point, and the text is left aligned. This is just some of the information provided by paragraph styles.




In the Home tab, we have access to the quick styles gallery. The style that is automatically applied is called the Normal style.


The other styles we can apply include, no spacing, heading 1, heading 2, title and subtitle. Each style is applied as needed. In this example, the normal style is applied.


We can apply one of the other styles by clicking once in the paragraph with the text. We don’t need to highlight any text because paragraph styles are applied to complete paragraphs not just a few words. In this example, we selected the Heading 1 style.


When we press the return key on our keyboard, a new paragraph is created and the paragraph style returns to the normal style.

These are very basic styles to get us started, so they don’t have many configurations that would help create properly formatted documents.

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