Multiple choice review questions in iBooks Author

Multiple choice review questions in iBooks Author

Anyone can create great interactive books with iBooks Author. This free application is available on Mac computers. The first release of iBooks Author was in 2012 with OS 10.9. One of the interactive tools creates review questions. The review widget uses multiple choice questions. We will create a basic multiple choice question in this lesson.

Go to the Applications folder and start iBooks Author.

ibooks author application icon




ibooks author basic template



Select the Basic template or open a book where you would like to insert a multiple choice review question or set of questions.

add default blank page



Click on the “Add Pages” button and select the option to add a blank page. You can also go to an existing page in your book that has space for a multiple choice question.

widget review question



Click on the Widgets button in the button bar and select the “Review” widget.

review question widget box



A multiple choice review question box will be created and the inspector will open to display the Widget inspector.

review question widget resized



Move the multiple choice question box to a location on the page where you want the review question to appear. Use the re-size handles to increase or decrease the size of the box for the area where the review questions will be placed.

rename review question heading



Each Review question box is given a title. This title begins with the word Review followed by a number and space for a title. This title can be used to reference the content that will be in the questions.

new review question widget heading



Click in the title section and change the title of the review questions to something appropriate.

selected question text



Click once on the question. The question will be selected so we can delete it and type our own question. We can simply begin to type our question and the text will be replaced.

first question with answer choices



After typing the question click once on the first answer option.

first answer choice selected



Type your answer for the first option.

second answer choice selected



Click on the next answer option or press the tab key on the keyboard to go to the next answer option. Repeat the process for all the answer options.

option to add more answer choices



Each review question includes a set of four possible answer choices. We can add up to six possible answer choices by clicking the answer options pull-down menu.

select correct answer for review



Select the answer that corresponds to the correct answer for the question. This is how the widget can provide feedback for correct or incorrect answers.

add more questions button



Let’s add another question to the review. Click on the add question pull-down menu.

select multiple choice with image option



The question pull-down menu includes a variety of multiple question types. Some of the other question types include the option to add an image as part of the question. Select the third multiple choice question option. The one with the image option at the top.

answer choices overlapped



When mixing question types with images it might be necessary to adjust the review question size. In this example, answers “C” and “D” collide into one another because there is not enough space. Adjust the height or width of the review question box.

small answer choice image box



The size of the image placeholder will adjust when the size of the review question box changes.

drag and drop image onto placeholder



Drag and drop an image onto the image placeholder.

image in placeholder and cropped



The image will be cropped to fit the size of the image placeholder.

image crop resized



Resize the review question box to change the image placeholder size.

image question



Update the question.





Update the answer choices and add additional questions as needed. We can mix basic multiple-choice questions with multiple choice questions that include images.Changing the order of questionsThe order of questions in the review can be changed by clicking and dragging the questions up or down as needed.
Previewing the review questions
To preview your questions click on the Preview button in the iBooks Author button bar.

image with answer choices



A preview version of the book will be created, added to the iBook reader on your Mac and opened.

selected correct answer choice



Check the review questions by clicking on an answer choice and clicking the check answer button. Click the next button on the lower right-hand corner of the review question box to go to the next question. The questions are not graded like an assessment.

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