Multiple Artboards In Adobe Illustrator CC

When working on art concepts I often need to present more than one option or I need to try out more than one version of an art concept. Artboards in Illustrator allow us to create more than one design in an illustrator document.

In this example, we have several Artboards for a logo project.




The Artboards option can be found in the panel on the right or by clicking Window in the Menu and selecting Artboards. In this example, we have seven Artboards.


To create an Artboard, click once on the last Artboard. New Artboards are created after the currently selected Artboard. Click the new Artboard icon.


The Artboard will be created and given a number that comes next in the sequence of Artboards that already exist.


We can delete an Artboard by clicking the trash can icon after selecting the Artboard we want to delete.


We can rename Artboards by double-clicking the Artboard name.


We can re-arrange Artboards by dragging them up or down the list.

Artboards are a convenient way to present multiple versions of an art concept or to work with different ideas for a project.

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