Moving Documents In Google Drive

When working with Google Drive for a while there is a tendency to place most of our documents in the main folder. This is just like placing all our documents on the desktop. We eventually need to begin organizing our documents into manageable folders. We can easily create folders by clicking the “Create” button and selecting the folder option.




When there are a few documents like the ones in this example, we can easily drag and drop a document into a folder.


We can also select multiple documents and drop them into a folder.


Dragging and dropping files into folders is nice and easy, but your drive probably looks something like mine. This doesn’t make it very easy to drag and drop documents into folders. In a situation like this, we may not readily see the folder we need, but we can still drag and drop files into folders.


We can use another option for moving documents into folders. This option is good for moving documents into folders that are at the Drive root level and into nested folders. The Drive root is the main Google Drive. A nested folder is where there are folders inside of folders. We’ll select one or more documents.


Click on the actions menu icon and select the “Move to” option.


A selector dialogue box will open. We can scroll down the list of folders displayed in the box. The folders are listed alphabetically.


Scroll down the list and select a folder by clicking on it once.

The bottom of the box will display two buttons. One to move the documents into this folder and one to create a new folder for these documents.


Click the “Move” button.


A message box will open to inform us that the documents have been moved into the selected folder. We have the option to undo this action. The undo option is only available for a few seconds so act on it quickly if necessary.


I mentioned that we can move documents into nested folders. In this example, we have an image that needs to be placed into a nested folder.


We’ll follow the same process to move this image. We have a folder that is used to organize graphics. We’ll click the folder to select it. We need to open this folder so we can look at the folders inside this folder. Click on the arrow on the right.


The selector box will display the folders that are inside this folder. The home folder for this folders is shown at the top of the selector box. We can click on the arrow to the left to return to the graphics folder.


This is a background image so we’ll select the backgrounds folder. At this point, we can click the move button, but I want to show you one more option. Click on the triangle to the right of the background folder name.


The folder will open to display the contents of the folder. This can be useful if we want to check on the other files that are inside this folder or to make sure this is where we want to place the file.


To place the image into this folder we’ll click the “Move here” button.


Let’s look at one more way to move documents into folders. The Google Drive folder is called My Drive and it’s always available in the left panel. Click on the disclosure triangle to the left of the “My Drive” name.


This will list all the folders inside the Drive. In this example, we have folders that have disclosure triangles. This means there are nested folders inside these folders.


Clicking on our Graphics folder we see the folders inside.


We can use the folders in the Drive panel to drag and drop files into those folders.

We’ve learned three ways to move our documents and other files into folders. This should help you start to organize all those files in your Drive.

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