mode options in Google Docs

Mode Options In Google Docs

Google Docs has three modes. We are usually in Editing mode when working on a document. The other mode options include Suggesting and Viewing. As an editor of a document, we can switch between any of these modes. In this lesson, we will look at the benefits of being able to switch between modes as the editor of a document.

As an editor, we can access each of the editing modes from the View menu option. Select the Suggesting option.


Suggesting Mode


When we switch over to Suggesting Mode, there isn’t much of a change. On the right side of the browser window, we have a green box informing us that we are in Suggesting mode.


In Suggesting mode, anything we type into the document does not change the document but marks the text as a suggested change or addition. Let’s look at an example. In this document, the title of the training agenda is called Google Gems. We might want to suggest something else other than Gems. We’ll click once to the right of the word Gems and press the backspace or delete key to erase the word.


As we press the backspace key or delete key, the word isn’t erased but a green box appears around each letter as we press the key and a green strike through line appears over each letter then eventually the word.


Off to the right of the document we see a box with our name on it. The box has some information about what we are suggesting and when we are making the suggestion. In this example, we are suggesting the word “Gems” be deleted. The suggestion was made today at 10:52 AM.


Let’s replace the word Gems with Treasures. The word “Treasures” appears before the word “Gems” and is also surrounded by the green box along with the word “Gems”.


Looking at the box on the right side of the document, we see that the information has updated and “delete Gems” has been replaced with “Replace Gems with Treasures”.

The Suggesting option is a good way to try out different ways of writing something in Google Docs without actually erasing any of the text. It helps keep track of what was written with what we propose to write. This is useful not just for the sole editor of a document but becomes invaluable when collaborating on a document. Each collaborator in the document will be able to provide suggestions without changing the original text.


We can decide to accept or reject the suggestion. The box to the right of the document has a check-mark and a box with an “x”. Clicking the checkmark button will replace Gems with Treasures. Clicking the box with the “x” will cancel the suggestion and leave Gems alone.

Viewing Mode


Let’s look at the View mode option. Before we switch over to Viewing mode, let’s take a look at a link in this document. Google Docs can include links to web pages or other documents. When in Editing mode, these links are just text and not live. Clicking on the Video link will show us the link to the video. We should always test links to make sure they work properly. We could click on the link that appears and that’s fine, but what if we need to test out several links.


Click on View in the menu and select Viewing from the mode options.


Viewing mode will remove many of the button bar options and display the document the way our audience will see the document with view rights only. When we move the mouse over a link, the link is treated as a link and not as text to be edited.

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