Managing Wireless Networks On Chromebooks

Connecting to wireless networks is an essential part of working with Chromebooks. We connect to wireless networks at home, coffee shops, hotels and public locations. The wireless receiver on devices like Chromebooks looks for the closest and strongest signal. This is useful most of the time, but it can be a source of vulnerability. Wireless connections or WiFi hotspots can be easily imitated. Your device usually can’t distinguish one WiFi connection named “Free Internet” from another with the same name. One may be a trusted connection from a local coffee shop, but another may be a less trustworthy.

Devices help connect to wireless connections by storing the connection name and settings. It uses this information to automatically connect when it finds a similar wireless connection. It’s a good idea to remove wireless network connections that aren’t being used regularly, especially public access networks.

The option to manage wireless networks is in the Chromebook Settings. Click on the right side of the shelf and select Settings.

The current wireless connections will be shown in the Internet connection section. Click on the triangle next to the wireless network name.

Select the preferred networks option.

A list of all the network WiFi networks stored on the device will be listed in a dialogue box.

To remove a wireless network, move the mouse over a network name and click the “x” button.

Click the “Done” button to save the changes.

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