Mac Finder Tag Preferences

Tags in the Finder are automatically available in the sidebar and they include some of the traditional tags that have been part of the system for a very long time. As we begin to use tags it would help to find a way to manage the growing number of tags we will be using. In the Finder preferences we can have a degree of control over the tags we use. In the Finder menu click on Finder and select preferences.




Click on the tags section. In the tags section we have a list of all the available tags. Most of these tags appear in the sidebar. We can choose which appear in the sidebar by removing the checkmark from those. This won’t delete the tag but it will not appear in the sidebar.


The tags we created don’t have a color associated with them like the standard tags. We can apply a color to a tag by clicking on the color dot.


When the menu appears we can select from one of the basic tag colors.


Once we select a color it is immediately applied to the tag.


We can repeat this process with other tags.


While we’re here, let’s remove some of these tags from the sidebar. So the color tags won’t appear in the sidebar, I’ll remove the check mark from each. The changes we make are immediately applied so there is no save or update button.


Let’s do one more thing. There are two tags here I don’t need. To get rid of these tags, I’ll right click on one of the tags and select the delete tag option.


A warning message will appear. This message will tell you how many files will be affected by the removal of this tag. The files won’t be deleted or affected in any way, other than that the tag will be removed from each of the files. There isn’t a way to undelete the tag or to reapply the tag to those files, so make sure you want to delete the tag.


When we look at the Finder sidebar, the changes have been applied. Earlier we hid the color tags from the sidebar. These tags are still available if we need them. Click on the “All Tags” option.


An additional sidebar will open to display all the tags. The preferences pane can be a useful way to manage tags. We can keep those we use most in the sidebar while still having access to all the tags we’ve created with the all tags option.


These options don’t just affect the tags in the sidebar. The tags in the Finder button bar are also updated.


If we select the all tags option, we get a list of all the tags.


Going to the finder preferences each time we want to rename, delete or remove a tag from the sidebar can be time consuming. We can easily manage tags right in the sidebar. Right click on any tag to get the same options we have in the preferences pane.

From this contextual menu we can remove the tag from the sidebar, delete or apply a color to the tag.

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