iPhone or iPad Notification Sort Order

Notifications are messages sent from various applications we have installed on our devices. Some notifications we have access to include, the App Store, Calendar, FaceTime and Mail. We can control how these notifications appear on our device and the order in which they appear.

To see notices, swipe down from the top of the screen. On iPad, notifications share the same space with widgets. In this example I have notifications from the App Store and from my calendar.




Swipe from the bottom up to hide notifications.


To customize notifications, tap on the settings icon.


Tap on Notifications in the settings menu.


In notification settings, we can select the sort order of our notifications. Notifications are automatically set to sort events by placing the most recent first. Tap on the sort order option.


We can sort notifications by the most recent or we can select a manual option. Tap on the manual option.


With the manual option, we can move apps up or down in the order we want to see those notifications.


To move apps to a different sort order, tap and drag the three bars on the right up or down. In this example, the wallet app has been moved down. We can manually sort other apps as needed and notifications will appear in the notification center in that order.

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