iPhone or iPad Notification Alerts

When we install apps onto our devices they will often prompt us to allow notifications. We can choose to allow or deny notifications. These alerts often appear as banners at the top of the device’s screen. In notification settings, we can change the option to receive notifications and how those notifications are displayed.

Tap on the settings icon.




Tap on notifications in the settings section.


In the notification style section on the right, we see some of the installed apps. In this example, the App Store notifications are off. Other apps like calendar have notifications On, with alerts that include badges, sounds and alerts. Let’s enable notifications for the Apps Store.


The notifications for this app are off. We can enable them by moving the “Allow Notifications” switch from Off to On.


With notifications enabled, there are a few options for the notifications we receive. We can have notifications appear in the Notification Center, they can appear as a Badge App icon or show on the Lock Screen. All of these options are currently enabled.


Below these set of options, we have three options for how notifications will display when the screen is not locked. The app is currently set to send us notifications as banners at the top of the screen. Banners display at the top of the screen and then go away automatically.


If we decide to choose alerts, then notifications will appear in the center of the display in an unlocked screen and need to be tapped before they will go away. Alerts may be good for some apps like calendar events, reminders or email. Alerts can help focus our attention on those important notifications.


Not all apps will have the same set of notification options. Let’s return to Notification settings and look at the Calendar App.


The options for Calendar are different. There are different categories of notifications and each has its own set of settings. Tap on Upcoming Events.


In the notifications for upcoming events we can include sounds. What’s more, we can customize the sound by selecting one of the other alert sounds.


Some app notification settings have fewer options, like this example, which has only two settings we can control. They include, Show in “Notification Center” and “Show on Lock Screen”.

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