Installing Apps on Chromebooks

The installation of apps for Chromebooks is different from what we are used to on traditional desktop computers. The installation of apps more closely resembles the installation of apps on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. Like Windows and Mac platforms, Chrome has an app store. Most of the apps in the Chrome Store can be easily installed in a few clicks. This is because most of the apps pull the necessary resources from the Internet and Cloud services. Google Drive and Google Docs are examples of these apps that run on your Chromebook but pull the majority of their resources from the Google Cloud.

To access the Chrome Store, click once on the Launcher.




Click on the all apps icon.


Look for the Web Store icon and click on it.


The Chrome browser will open and display the Chrome Web Store page. We can browse for apps or we can search for an app we need. I’ll click once in the search box and search for Evernote, a free note taking app.


A page will load with a list of apps that match our search. In this example, Evernote has two apps we can install.


Evernote is an excellent example of apps that can either work directly in the cloud or can work on your Chromebook and sync to the Cloud. Let’s install the Evernote Web app by clicking the “Add To Chrome” button.


We will be prompted to confirm we want to install the app. Click the “Add App” button.


The Apps pane will open to reveal the app icon we just installed. The process for installing web apps is very fast because there is very little to download and install.


Let’s close the apps pane to view the Chrome Web Store. The store remains open so we can install more apps. Let’s install the other Evernote app.


We’ll get a slightly different confirmation. In this case we get a list of actions that will be performed during the installation. Click the “Add app” button.


This installation will take longer than the web installation. The application will download onto the Chromebook and then install. The icon will remain grey during the installation.


The installation progress bar appears in the download bar section.


When the installation is complete, the icon will no longer be grey.

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