Inserting images with the Google document research tool

Let’s click once inside the search box. A filter menu will appear next to the search box with several filter options. These filter options are a useful way to get at the information we need most. If we don’t click on one of these filter options, then our search will deliver everything related to the keywords we use in the search.




Without applying a filter, we’ll begin our research into Nikola Tesla. The menu options to filter for images and set citation format is still open in my example. We can close this by clicking the arrow to hide the options.


The results will be listed with the images first, if there are images related to our search, followed by web sites which contain information on our topic.


Let’s begin with a simple resource. Let’s get a picture of Nikola Tesla. We can use the arrows in the image box to see other image results. Once we’ve found an image we can drag and drop that image into our document.


In Google Docs images are placed where the cursor is in the document. In this example the cursor is at the beginning of the document.


The image will be placed in the document using a medium version of the original. A citation reference number will be place in the lower right of the image.


This citation number references the citation that is automatically placed in the proper citation format at the bottom of the page, MLA in this example.

We don’t have to drag and drop an image onto a document. We can choose to insert the image at the cursor’s location. We can also choose to select the image size before it is inserted.


If we click once on the image, it will pop out of the image box and we will have an insert option and a size option appear below the image.


To change the image size to something smaller or larger we can click the pull down menu option on the right. This will provide four image size options, small, medium, large or original. The image dimensions are shown in parenthesis.


Select an image size option and click insert. Make sure that the cursor is in the location you want the image to appear. In this example I chose a smaller version. Not all images have size options. Some images are only available in one size and in that case you won’t have the option to select other sizes.

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