Inserting Images in OneNote

Pictures can be inserted into notebook pages. These images can be inserted from a device or from the Internet. In this first lesson we will be using the desktop version of OneNote to insert an image.

To insert an image a text box needs to be created first. Click once on the page so a text box is created.




Click on the insert menu in the menu to open the Insert Ribbon. Click on the picture icon to add an image from a computer.


An insert picture box will open with a file browser button. This button will open the Finder on Mac, Explorer on Windows or the Files folder on Chrome. Click the “Browse” button.


Select an image and either double click the image or select the image and click the open button.


The image file name will appear in the Insert Picture box. Click the “Insert” button to upload and place the image onto the page.


The image will be placed inside the text box.


Click once on the image in the text box. Handles will appear on the corners and the sides of the image. These can be used to resize the image.


Make sure to click and drag the corner handles. This will assure that the image is resized proportionally. The text box won’t always resize to fit the image. This usually happens when the image is resized smaller that when it was placed in the text box.


We can the text box edge in toward the picture by clicking and dragging in on the edge of the text box.

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